Eczema: Escaping the Web

“It’s Eczema.” The doctor declares, looking at the rash on your infant child.

“But why? I mean what’s caused it?” you asked perplexed. You thought you did everything right.Breastfeeding was supposed to protect them from things like Eczema and Asthma wasn’t it? You thought you ate healthily throughout your pregnancy. So, why did your baby develop Eczema?“

We don’t really know what causes it.” The doctor tells you, “It seems to be a genetic thing. Some kids are predisposed to it. It does mean your child has a higher risk of developing Asthma later, so we’ll have to keep an eye on that. We need to manage it well and keep the skin moist. Some kids grow out of it by age 7, others don’t and they can carry it into adulthood. I’ll give you some emollients creams to keep the skin well moisturized and a topical steroid to apply when it looks very sore. Don’t use too much of the steroid though as it will thin their skin.”

A few minutes later you are out of the surgery and on your way to the pharmacy to collect your prescribed items, with your brain churning, full of questions, still wondering what on earth caused the horrid affliction that torments your kid with endless itching.

I know what this feels like. I’ve been there four times! Only the more kids you have developing it, you more you are resigned to hearing, “Well, it obviously runs in the family.”

I have been likened to a British Bull Dog numerous times for the tenacity with which I hold on when I get my teeth into something! Well, my Bulldog spirit bit into Eczema. No, I don’t accept that just because you have a genetic risk for something you should resign yourself to developing the disease. And no, I don’t believe that disease management is the only way forward. I had never had dealings with Eczema before, but now it became my enemy. It dared to threaten my children and that means it put itself in my line of fire! This was war!

So, for years I have searched for a cause for Eczema in the hope I could help millions of children (and adults) escape the torment it brings, but instead of finding a reason, I found a monster with many legs! The mind map on my wall is huge! It has legs everywhere and lines connecting causes like a spider web! That’s what inspired my title idea ‘Eczema: Escaping the Web.’ The project could go on forever as new information will be discovered and published. That is why, I cannot and will not claim to have ALL the answers. But even as things stand right now, I know a lot. It’s enough to make a real difference in the lives of people suffering from this debilitating skin condition, and to lower the risk of other infants from developing it in the first place. My next task is to finishing adding the solutions onto the chart, which will help break the legs off the spider so to speak. I had a lightbulb moment last week when a certain connection made everything else fall into place and filled me with a new burst of zeal. (Disclaimer: I don’t advocate cruelty to arachnids and never break the legs off real spiders!)

Anyway, my aim is to have this work finished and published by the end of this year. So, it’s time to take off my research hat, put my author hat back on, and start writing everything out in a cohesive format.

I will keep you informed of the progress, so check back her for updates or subscribe to my newsletter for advance notifications and discounts on future releases.

Keep safe everyone. To your health and the health of your kids!

Carolyn -x-

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