Vitamin C: The Real Story by Steve Hickey PhD and Andrew Saul PhD

This was the first book I read on vitamin supplements and their amazing effects on the body. However, although I read it with interest, I didn’t really do anything to act on the information until we had an event whilst stuck in traffic on the highway shortly afterwards.

One of my daughters suddenly exclaimed that her sister’s face was swelling! Having allergic kids is no joke, and I always travel with allergy meds. I turned to look at my daughter and sure enough there were hives breaking out all around her mouth and eyes. I was shocked. “What did you just eat?” I asked her, thinking this looked like a nut reaction.

“Nothing,” she replied looking confused. We never did find out what she had reacted to, but at that point I wasn’t overly concerned. I knew if I gave her a prompt dose of antihistamine meds, we’d be able to contain the reaction. Reaching for my handbag, I rummaged around looking for the bottle, only to find it was not there! My heart sank.

“Did anyone take the Piriton out of my bag?” I called out to everyone in the car. Sure enough, someone confessed they took it to rub on a mosquito bite and had forgotten to put it back! So, while the medicine was sitting on the kitchen counter at home, the hives were spreading, and we were stuck in an almost grid locked traffic jam far from any pharmacy!

Fighting panic, I racked my brains to think what to do, and suddenly remembered reading in this book that high dose vitamin C acted as an antihistamine. Well, I did have a bottle of Jamieson chewable 500 mg vitamin C tablets in my bag. Realizing it was my only option and having no idea how much would constitute a high enough dose, I took out 8 tablets, (4000 mg for those of you who don’t like doing math), and gave them to my daughter, telling her to eat them all as quickly as she could. Thankfully, they’re quite tasty, so she didn’t object!

Within about 7 minutes every hive was gone and that was the start of my eyes opening to the power of vitamin C when used in high doses. Hence why I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants real facts about this under-rated vitamin.

(And obviously as a disclaimer, I am NOT recommending that you all leave your allergy meds at home and just take vitamin C. I do still carry the allergy meds just in case, but I now give my kids higher than normal vitamin C doses (split throughout the day) and the number of allergic episodes we have experienced over the past few years requiring antihistamine meds have reduced dramatically. In fact, while writing this, I can only remember one! So, this is a book I am sincerely glad to recommend!